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CALACA welcomes private sector investment as an essential factor for stimulating and maintaining economic growth and contributing to nation-building. We offer opportunities, seeks to foster strong relationships and, where necessary, help to facilitate investment.


  1. A fast-developing local economy with strong growth potential and a highly-skilled workforce,
  2. Excellent and efficient transport connections, both within and beyond the city (locally within the Batangas Province, nationally and even internationally through our seaports).
  3. Pro-investment leadership, which prioritizes investment, has consistent policies and attitudes and maintains a high profile especially within the Batangas region.

Solid Economic fundamentals

  • Steady growth rate of businesses and jobs
  • Resilience of the economy to shocks
  • Quality and affordability of infrastructure
  • Skill-level of the workforce, and quality of education and research
  • Trading relationships within and beyond
  • Quality of environment and livability

Pro-active City governance

  • City vision
  • Strategic plan to realize vision
  • Attitude and consistency of leadership
  • Quality of city management
  • Information and data provision

Practicalities of investment

  • Easy access to a bigger regional market, population size, and the number of jobs and businesses
  • Amount and type of land/assets available
  • Planning system, and other regulations
  • Taxation and incentives
  • Construction costs

For inquiries, please contact:

The Mayor’s Office
Calaca Municipal Hall
City of Calaca, Batangas

Telephone: (043)4240-0627/223-4627

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