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The City of Calaca is a thriving city that is tourist-friendly and respectful of its culture and tradition.


To develop and promote the city’s tourism industry while safeguarding Calaqueños’ cultural values and heritage; to spawn tourism activities that generate economic growth, local employment, and talents.

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List of Activities

Kasalang Bayan
Love is in the air every Valentine’s Day since Calaqueños celebrate love through the annual Kasalang Bayan. This event was established in 2004 and paves way for couples to be wedded through the assistance of the Civil Registrar Office and the Tourism Office.

The pairs are gathered in a lovely venue where their wedding ceremony will be officiated by the current mayor. It gets more heart-fluttering afterward when selected government employees serenade the newlyweds while they savor their meals.

Pabasa ng Pasyon0
Pabasa is a religious ritual chanting the words from the Pasyon, a narrative book that contains the life of Christ. Every Holy Tuesday to Holy Wednesday, employees along with other religious groups commemorate the life and sacrifices of the Saviour through this traditional Holy Week practice.

Carrera de Paso
Carrera de Paso is a long-standing horse racing event in Calaca that is held every Holy Wednesday. This stemmed from the tradition of residents and devotees of going to church every Wednesday in honor of St. Raphael the Archangel. Decades ago, horses were the primary mode of transportation and there would be occasional races to add a festive atmosphere to the visit of the devotees.

Up to this day, horse enthusiasts from far-flung provinces visit Calaca to join and witness the race. Some participants hail from Cavite, Manila, Rizal, and even as far as Pampanga and Bulacan.

Horses with similar build are matched, these pairs will compete for the prize and will be scored by designated judges. The horse that will first reach the finish line will be declared the winner.

Station of the Cross
Devotees all over Calaca relive the long winding journey of Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. The fourteen stations of the cross are put up around selected barangays. Facilitated by the public servants from Calaca, the locals visit and offer a prayer in each station.

This activity allows the residents to reflect on their selves and repent their sins as they commemorate the sacrifices of Jesus for our salvation.  

CALACAtchara Festival
A 10-day long festival which culminates on the 24th of October, the feast day of the city’s patron saint – St. Raphael the Archangel. 

Aiming to promote the delicacy of the then municipality, this celebration was launched in 2004 through the efforts of the municipal mayor at that time, Mayor Sofronio “Nas” Ona. The name of the festival is a portmanteau of the words: “Calaca,” the host city, and ”atchara,” its main product that is made of pickled raw papaya.

Caracol de San Rafael marks the start of the event every October 15. Devotees participate in a procession from the Archdiocesan Shrine to the shorelines of Calaca where a mass will be celebrated. This is followed by a series of activities that brings joy, and opportunities and ignites a sense of pride for Calaqueños. Some of them are Drum and Lyre Competition, Senior Citizens’ Night, Pet Show, Job Fair, Car and Motor Show, and Mountain Bike Challenge. Pageants such as Ginoong Calaca and Bb. Calacatchara that celebrate the beauty and talent of Calaqueños are among these activities as well.

The most-awaited highlight of the festival is the Streetdance and Court Dance Competition. Students from schools within Calaca showcase their talents in colorful costumes along the streets of Poblacion. Their dance routines put into the spotlight the process of making atchara, the must-see destinations in Calaca, and honor the city’s patron saint. Their outstanding performances are complemented with ingenious props that are a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Calaqueños.

On October 24 the day of the town fiesta, a concelebrated mass in honor of St. Raphael the Archangel is offered. Priests around the province of Batangas come together to preside the Eucharistic celebration. This is followed by a procession in the afternoon. Afterward, vibrant and flashing colors fill the night sky in a Firework Display that serves to conclude the event. Last but definitely not least, artists are invited to perform in the Mayor’s Night Concert where a large crowd is drawn to celebrate another fruitful year.  

Paskuhan sa Calaca
Christmas is a holiday that Filipinos look forward to. It is a time of giving and most especially spending time with your loved ones. But for Calaqueños it is also the time to witness the highly anticipated Christmas Village displays. For each year, the displays revolve around a specific theme such as Disney and White Christmas.

In 2019, the first-ever Paskuhan sa Calaca Animated Christmas Display was held. The show captures Filipino Christmas traditions such as Simbang Gabi and Carolling and famous delicacies like puto bumbong. The pride of Calaqueños which are the Loida’s Empanada, Ningning’s Lechon, and Lomihan sa Madalunot were also highlighted. Along with other symbolic representations of Filipino culture and traditions, a Belen was put up where the child Jesus lies together with the figures of Mary and Joseph. The three wise men went on a journey following the bright star that led them to Jesus. In the end, a mystifying angelic figure appeared that warmed the hearts of the viewers.

The displays are held for a month for the locals, as well as residents from nearby provinces, to witness.


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