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To ensure that the required infrastructures in support of developmental programs, projects and
activities of various performance and sub-sector areas of the government unit are timely and effectively implemented in adherence to the required standard engineering principles and practices.

To ensure that the construction and occupancy of all buildings or structures as well as facilities thereto whether privately or government-owned shall conform to all provisions of the National Building Code (PD 1096) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.


Key Contacts

Organizer Name




+63 9088146056
(043) 424 – 0627 local 132

List of Programs/Services

A. General administration and support services to engineering matters in all stages of planning and construction, maintenance, and improvement of roads, bridges, waterworks, buildings and other public works projects of the government unit concerned under the following activities:

  1. Conduct site investigation, survey, data gathering, and feasibility studies in preparation for the design of required infrastructure including project management requirements.
  2. Prepare and recommend designed plans, programs of works, and cost estimates
  3. Administer, supervise, monitor, coordinate, and control the ongoing and post-construction phases of the projects.

B. Enforcement of National Building Code

  1. Issuances and processing of applications for building permit including its ancillary and accessory permit, Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Annual Inspection, and Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection.
  2. Conduct inspection at all reasonable times and determine compliance with the requirements of this Code and the terms and conditions provided in the building permit as Issued.
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