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The Office of the Civil Registrar is the department vested with the duties and functions to receive and record all registrable events concerning the civil status of a person starting from the time s/he is born, s/he contracts marriage, and until s/he dies. It is also its main function to make those registered vital events available to requesting parties subject to the limitations of the law.

The office is mandated to process, record, file, and safe keep vital civil registrations like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage contracts, court decisions, and other civil registry documents in consonance to Republic Acts (RA) 9048, 9255, 9858, and 10172.



We envision the Civil Registry of Calaca to meet the continuously changing demands of time and constant change of technology geared towards e-governance that will provide service to the public with global standards and be the epitome of service excellence in our chosen field as we take hold of challenges to make a difference for the people of Calaca and its neighboring municipalities.


To serve Calaqueños with the highest degree of integrity, competence, hard work, efficiency, and utmost responsiveness through modern technology and the competence of highly trained personnel for effective civil registration services.

Key Contacts

Organizer Name





0908 8146052 / 0955 7236510

List of Programs/Services

  1. Mobile registration in 40 barangays
    1. Timely
    2. Delayed
    3. Out-of-town
  2. Nakarehistro Ako Sa Calaca – This program is in response to the increasing demand for birth certificates in all transactions such as accessing social services, education, and formal jobs. A lot of those unregistered children came from poor families whose parents could not afford to pay for the expenses for delayed registration.
  3. Assistance to those who have problems with their civil registry documents to correct erroneous information such as clerical error, correction of sex or date of birth, and change of name.
  4. Outreach program for Indigenous People (IP) living in Calaca.
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