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To arouse, organize and mobilize marginalized sectors and their communities for the upliftment of their economic, socio-cultural and political well-being by ensuring their access and control over productive resources including government programs and services.


To capacitate and strengthen the organization for the proper implementation of programs and services for community development, citizens participation, and people’s empowerment.


To provide assistance in organized communities in developing viable and sustainable livelihood and facilitate the access to programs and services of government unit and other National/Local Agencies and help in the growth and empowerment of the community and its members thru education, training, and capacity building.

Key Contacts

Organizer Name




+63 9190007525

List of Programs/Services

  1. Social Infrastructure Building (SIB)

Community Organizing and Development

          Identification of core of leaders

          Facilitates the conduct of meetings, consultations ,for a and community assemblies

          Assist in the formation of community organizations and registration /accreditation of organized groups (SEC, DOLE and LGU etc.)


  1.       Research and Documentations

Ø  Profiling of barangay, organizations, and families among others

-regular updating of the list of households and families

Ø  Documentation of issues and concerns of the communities


  1.       Enterprise Development (NASA TIYAGA Program)

Ø  Facilitates communities in the formulation of possible livelihood that would help them to access programs and services and of the government and non-government organizations for additional income or alternative source of income

Ø  Facilitate in the creation of small to medium scale enterprise and/or cooperatives to sustain organized sectoral or multi-sectoral formations and develop possible programs for them to elevate the economic status of its members.


  1.       Training, Education, and Seminars

Ø  Conduct capacity /capability seminars in the communities (Leadership, Organizational management, skills training, financial and business management, and other related training)

Ø  Conduct livelihood related training (Enterprise Development, technical / technology training among others)

Ø  Monitor the status of trained individuals and organization representatives to update records and keep them abreast with the latest issuances or concerns as to the training and technological advancement information they need to know.


  1.       Networking, Linkaging, and Alliance Building

Ø  Facilitate potential networks for other support for community development (NGOs, NGAs, and NFIs)

Ø  Assist in the formation of alliances of sectoral groups and other possible networks from the barangay level to municipal up to the national level to help in the access of possible resources and training from various levels.

Ø  Promotes government unit’s programs and services.


  1.       Good Governance and Citizens Participation

Ø  Encourage both civil society and barangay local government unit collaboration

Ø  Transparency and accountability

Ø  Encourage organized groups to participate in the local special bodies.

Ø  Assist in the formulation of Barangay Development Plan with community participation

Calendar of Activities – April 2021

  1. Monthly awarding of at least 3 livelihood projects (April 2021)
  2. Regular Community meetings per Brgy (monthly)
  3. Assemblies
  4. Coastal Clean up
  5. Training for communities
  6. April 13-15, 2021- Meat Processing
  7. Monthly Meetings of the municipal Federations officers and council members
  8. April 8, distribution of Ayuda for 59 Covid positives

Other activities: Fiesta Ayuda Distribution, Distribution of Assistance for COVID-Positive Patients, and Other Assistance from the government

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