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Responsible for setting the Direction, Development, Implementation, and Coordination of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program without territorial jurisdiction.


An ideal committed and responsible Disaster Risk Reduction Management system.


To administer a comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction Management program with the involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation of various activities leading to a safer, adaptive, and resilient community towards the sustainable development of Calaca.

Key Contacts

Contact Person

Sherwin R. Comia




0995 202 7395

0998 987 1251

List of Programs/Services

  •  Disaster Preparedness
    • Conduct training on disaster preparedness and response search, rescue, and retrieval operations;
    • Conduct simulation exercises at various levels to test plans and skills;
    • Development of information, education, and communication
    • (IEC)  campaign and information sharing between the government unit/communities and the national government;
    • Development of a standard operating manual for Disaster Operation Centers;
    • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for deployment, evacuation, and coordination with rapid assessment teams, etc.
    • Development of institutionalization of early warning system (EWS), information sharing among government unit/communities and national government;
    • Conduct disaster risk reduction and management researches;
    • Development and conduct of regular review of contingency plans;
    • Development of information and database generation;
    • Stockpiling of basic emergency supplies; and
  • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
    • Conduct of risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, and  other science-based technology and methodologies to enhance government unit’s ecological profile, sectoral studies, and    mainstream disaster risk reduction and management   activities/Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Comprehensive Land Use Program (CLUP) and         Comprehensive Development Program (CDP);
    • Implement Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS)       with disaster risk reduction and management/CCA indicators;
    • Capability building (train, equip, organize, provide funding, sustain) on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction    and management/CCA in development planning, investment programming/financing, and project evaluation and    development;
    • Conduct activities to review and integrate disaster risk reduction and management/CCA into various environmental  policies, plans, programs, and projects;
    • Conduct vulnerability analysis and risk assessment for   critical facilities and infrastructure;
    • Development of tools on risk assessment;
    • Construction of dams or embankments that will reduce/ mitigate flood risk;

Calendar of Activities (April 2021)

  • Accept, assist, review budget realignments/supplemental from Barangay/Sangguniang Kabataan
  • Preparation/finalization of supplemental/s; realignment/s for general fund (as need arises)
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